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Volunteering as a world of good

In an article in ‘Building’ magazine, construction professionals who volunteer their skills speak of the benefits before you consider the good it does to those they volunteer on behalf of.

Wilson and Mawhinney has been providing charitable support to a variety of organisations since our establishment in 1978. Recent voluntary service includes leadership of a non-profit charity, first aid training and supplies to community groups and school governance. We can support the view of ‘Building’ entirely as it adds a fresh and enhanced energy to our workplace.

Wilson and Mawhinney – Creating great places to live life.

BIM and the future of construction

The discussion about BIM is everywhere. Wilson and Mawhinney prepared for the anticipated onslaught of BIM which never came. It’s a great concept which is let down in part by software which needs further development but mainly by the culture of the industry. Without a properly developed model there is little use for advanced BIM software and systems at construction stage. We are looking forward to working on a level 3 BIM project but in the meantime, we will keep enhancing our systems.

Wilson and Mawhinney – Creating great places to live life.

What is a professional Building and Civil Engineering Contractor?

It’s not about size, turnover, appearance or perception. It’s not about trade associations or organisations promoting pre-qualification criteria. It’s definitely not about false promises on delivering unachievable or unrealistic costs or timescales.

Alongside many other attributes, a professional contractor will:

  • Have sufficient cash at hand to finance the project or the facility to raise cash immediately with their bank
  • Have an experienced and skilled team with integrity
  • Give an honest and accurate assessment of cost and time issues
  • Have a focus on building relationships
  • Value their supply chain and treat them with respect.

Wilson and Mawhinney – Creating great places to live life.