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Selecting a professional Building and Civil Engineering Contractor

There are many ways of selecting a Contractor for your project, many of which are based on pre-qualification questionnaires.

“Turnover is a poor indicator of the capability of a Professional Contractor”

The principle behind the ‘PQQ’ appears sensible – a common, standardised approach to selection. Unfortunately, most projects or the Contractors who build them are far from being common or standardised. There is also an unhealthy focus on turnover and experience of a particular categories of work. Turnover is a poor indicator of the capability of a Professional Contractor and relates solely to volume of work performed each year regardless of performance or profitability.

When it comes to experience, there a few forms of construction which demand segregated lists such as marine, airside or trackside operations. Most other forms of construction have common methods and requirements which do not demand segregated lists, for example, residential and commercial buildings.

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